A cycling studio
like no other.

  • “If there were ever going to be a country club for Spin fanatics, Peloton is it”

SEE FOR YOURSELF: Your first studio ride is free

Just walk into our 23rd street studio or call ahead (646-277-4497) to book.

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News and events

  • 30-Minute Classes

    30-minute classes are now priced at $20 per credit or $90 for a 5 ride pack. Grab yours today!
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  • Live DJ Rides

    Let DJ John Michael and your favorite instructors mix the top hits and lead you on a beat driven, fun-fueled ride.
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  • Introductory Ride

    First time at Peloton? Take your first class for $20, exclusively for new riders.
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  • Back In Rotation Challenge

    Get back in your fall fitness routine for a chance to win big.
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